Fundamental Factors In Slot Machines Simplified

Understanding Efficient Strategies

Could it really last me weeks? In my head, I began to do some rough math and started to realize my expected loss for a week would be about $100 – if I were to play nonstop! When I got to my computer, I refined my results a bit. At a 0.5% house edge, I would have to wager a total of $20,000 to lose $100 (on average). On a $5 table, the average wager is roughly $5.65 when taking into account splits and double downs. To wager $20,000, I’d have to play 3,540 hands of blackjack! At 30 hands per hour, that is 118 hours of blackjack! So, that works out to be about 17 hours per day for a week. If I allow myself a few breaks and some sleep per night, I really could play for a week on $100. Not even on my first trip to Las Vegas (when I was 19) did we sit and play for that many hours per day! If I were to keep it to four hours per day, I could play for roughly a month on $100.

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